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By Judy Shaw

ISBN: 979-1-945255-16-8

Copyright 2017 Judy Shaw


Intentional Transformation is a practical text, an easy read, that will provide you, the reader with a spiritually moving experience.  My text will challenge you to delve into the depths of your inner most being, ask yourself critical questions, renounce every excuse, every hindrance and justifiable action, all for the purpose of getting the rest of God’s Best for your life.  It is for those who are willing to seek the undiscovered you. My friend, Simon Bailey, author of the best seller, Release Your Brilliance, challenges us to find our brilliance that we were born with.   Intentional Transformation screams, find it and then the scream gets louder, find it now! Intentional Transformation demands that you be the self-acting agent in this process and that you give no resistance to the work of the Holy Spirit who will participate and partner with you to finish this work.  Intentional Transformation is so powerful.  It doesn’t wait until the end to yield change, it starts as soon as you start.


Judy Shaw

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